Back in the chair, back watching tv I wouldn’t normally watch. The sun is starting its descent and I’m not out enjoying it.

I’m chilling like the dove we found on oldold man Finn’s windshield wipers as we were leaving for dinner n the Florida Gulf Coast / Army NCAA Men’s College Basketball Game.

FGCU vs Army: Dunk City before it was Dunk City
FGCU vs Army: Dunk City before it was Dunk City

My grandfather had the courage to wait outside the Army lockerroom after the game to try and talk to head coach Jim Crews, who was a member of the 1975-76 Indiana University Men’s Basketball team that went undefeated and won the NCAA Championship that season.

The 6 degrees between Crews and oldold Finn is that oldold Finn went to college with Crew’s high school basketball coach. Oldold man was curious as to the location of his college classmate.

Oldold Finn got as far as a grad assistant – not bad when considering he was trying to get a hold of a head coach that saw his team claw back from a 26-point 2nd half deficit and get within 5 with a minute to go.

It’s it’s oldold man’s kind “he’s but a man” approach to people I instill in the main character of Book of Blues.

I try to do it myself and succeed at least 9 out of 10 times, but on that evening I was “outguned” by an 83-year-old man who naps half the day. He talked while I stayed halfway down the hall and checked updates on the Illinois/Purdue game.

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