Update: BBC announced on Friday, July 14th, 2017 that the 13th Doctor will be announced after the Wimbledon Men’s Final on July 16, 2017.

No sooner was it announced then Jodie Whittaker, one of the central characters in new Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall’s last show, Broadchurch, shot up the betting boards. She’s now even or with better odds than Kris Marshall, depending on which board you read. Bets have stopped, now.

If Whittaker does get the role, she would fit several patterns: 1) Shot up after date was announced, 2) She would be coming from a showrunner’s past show (such as when Russel T. Davies brough David Tennant over from Casanova), and 3) she would fight the age and stage of career a la Smith and Tennant.

And she would be awesome.

I’m also hoping the showrunners were really willing to throw a hint in the fans faces, turn the 10 Downing Street. “10” to “13” in the reveal video, suggesting that David Tennant is returning.

Original Post regarding Kris Marshall and the history of betting boards guessing the Next Doctor on Doctor Who, published 2017/03/04:

Yesterday [2017/03/03], betting was suspended on actor Kris Marshall becoming the 13th (H/T War Doctor) Doctor in Doctor Who. This means that so many people backed him that the house couldn’t take bets because the house expected to lose their wad.

It’s fascinating because in 2013, betting had to be suspended on Peter Capaldi becoming the next doctor for similar reasons. A wise move, as discovered later, because Peter Capaldi became the 12th (13th) doctor. This fact alone has fellow Whovians all a-buzz because now they know they think they know the new doctor.

Or do they?

It’s coming back to some of you…

“Wait…was betting suspended on an actor who ended up NOT being The Doctor on Doctor Who?”

Yes. It has.

Whovians are quick to forget that in 2013, betting was suspended on Rory Kinnear becoming the 12th (13th) doctor.

Fresh off his appearance in the James Bond Movie, Skyfall, Rory Kinnear looked primed for the role: 35 years old, very British, classically trained actor. He would have been a great choice. My interest was piqued despite my sadness at the thought of Matt Smith leaving.

Seriously. What the Fuck? This 3-season run is getting a bit predictable and mundane. That’s against the spirit of Doctor Who.

At the time, Peter Capaldi wasn’t even in the top 3 on the betting boards.

It was only in the few days before his announcement that the betting boards favored Capaldi. Then he arrived:

Matt Smith, too, only became a favorite on the betting boards shortly before his announcement as the 11th doctor.

According to Telegraph.co.uk, his odds were at 33/1 with 24 hours to go before his announcement. Then, a flurry hit to bring him a 1/3 favorite.

What about David Tennant?

Doctor Who’s reboot hadn’t yet blown up in popularity when Christopher Eccelston’s surprise regeneration into Tennant occurred at the end of season one. I don’t believe there was any time, or interest, in having such a prop bet.

So, I’m not going to get my hopes up this soon, especially with the next doctor’s next producer, Chris Chibnall, finishing his last season of Broadchurch, which just started airing over in the UK.

I mean, JUST started airing.

I can’t imagine Chibnall wanting any distractions to take away from his current project.

It doesn’t mean Marshall won’t be The Doctor. I don’t have feelings one way or the other. But we’ve been down this road before.

At the time of this writing, I’ll point out betting was suspended at 4/5, meaning you weren’t going to make a lot betting on him. If I’m getting my gambling right, you were only going to win 80% (and your money back). The betting was at 2/1 when it was suspended for Kinnear so I guess you could read into that.

But I’m not going to get up about a new Doctor until he’s announced, and until Capaldi rides off into the sunset glow of flowing regeneration energy. Haters are already treating season 10 as a lame duck season. That’s sad.

So, the odds of the betting suspension being right about Kris Marshall as the next Doctor? It seems to be about 3/1. Either way, I won’t look at the betting boards until we know the announcement date. Then, maybe I’ll try to sneak in a bet on the favorite just before the announcement date. And, “no, Virginia,” there is no announcement on the next doctor’s announcement date at the time of this publishing.

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