So that damned “Gatorade Has Evolved” song for the Gatorade G commercials that came out for the 2010 NBA playoffs got in my head and wouldn’t leave. You know the commercial…

“If you wanna revolution the only solution:  evolve. You gotta evolve.”

Gatorade Revolution / Evolve Commercial – 2010.

The damned song won’t get out of my head (maybe because it’s bluesy?), so I started looking for it.

Within the depths of their…reporting, the AOL Radio Blog reported that Gatorade Evolve song MP3 wasn’t available (at the time of this writing) for commercial release. And the AOL Blog is right, but that’s because they didn’t take 14 seconds to check the Gatorade site (and I didn’t either for the first hour of my search) to find out the MP3 is FREE to download.

Here’s the link to the Gatorade page where you can find the Gatorade Evolve / Revolution MP3 download…it’s on the right side of the page. Big orange button (guys, put that stuff on the left side and make it more pronounced).

Sometimes, you just have to go to the source.

UPDATE: never kept the link updated the website. It’s still around at all the usual music sites.

About the Gatorade Evolve / Revolution song.

The song itself is a classic blues/gospel pattern. Before I listened to the whole thing, I came across reports that people thought it was originally done by Bo Diddley. Hearing it for the 7th time straight through, I can say that Bo didn’t write this.

Well there once was a guy who couldn’t jump high
Till he focused in
Now he touches the sky

or this

you gotta do more than try to get by
evolution is the key and that’s no lie

I love him, but Bo don’t know Evolution…unless he wrote a song about Michael Jordan and Laila Ali (that’s my guess).

Those who keep writing and saying the song was “inspired” by Bo Diddley are right, if they’re willing to stipulate that Bo Diddley followed a pretty textbook blues / gospel format as well.

as do we all…

david banner - 2008
it’s like Al Green wrote for Otis Redding

The song is officially titled, “Gatorade Has Evolved.” Written and produced by David Banner, the track was sung by Kermit Quinn – who if anything sounds copied it’s the fact this guy sounds so much like Otis Redding it ain’t even funny. I was shocked. It’s why the song’s in my head. Damn good vocals.

(photo credit by 1) Wikimedia CC 2) Ran Muir via Flickr)

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