How to Write & Publish Books of Blues. Hopefully.

How to Publish a Book of Blues. Hopefully.


Who I am

If I’m lucky, I’m seen as a writer who does a little digital marketing on the side. A lot of digital marketing, more so to the point for those paying attention at home. To date, I have written drafts to one and a half Books of Blues.

One day I’m going to look up at the computer screen at my task list and see that those books, in fact, are next on the list. Until then, keep the head down, appreciate every moment, and try not to get lost in the anxiety of waiting for the first moment to get back to them.

In the end, one never knows what life is going to throw in our way, again.

I am from…

…somewhere around here:

– Brunswick, Maine by my mama.

– Valparaiso, IN by my family.

– #SWFL from the family holidays.

– #Eastbay / #BayArea by #coinflip and getting a little too addicted to the weather, wineries, and craft brews here.

– #OregonCoast for about a month out of the year.

And all the roads and flight routes in between.

My plan? H’mmm…

Once I’ve:

– Up & Married Katie (We ‘hitched!)

– Re-upped my Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certifications – (check’m out) as well as Bing Ads Accreditation(got this one, too)

– Learned to Code (track my status on CodeSchool.com)

– Finished the marketing, content, and very bad code assistance on our BakedFinn eCommerce platform, BiziPorts

I will get back to them.

Once those books are written.

I hope to get them published. On my terms. It won’t be enough to see them in print. If I wanted that, I’d go to AuthorHouse. Either way, DB Frazier is hoping I get them finished soon so he can read them and Pollack it with his red marker. Deep, bold, blood red marker.

Hit me up.

There’s contact buttons above and links to social media profiles all over the place. Pick your poison. And if you want some email updates, hit the Subscribe button in the header.

Otherwise, enjoy the notes.

You’ll find many scribblings about the books of blues, music, tech, and notes to self. They’re above, below, and throughout the site.

Now, where were we…

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