“How to Write & Publish Books of Blues. Hopefully,” by Nat Finn

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About My Books of Blues:

In 1998, I finished school, stole time, skipped seminary, and slipped away to write Books of Blues.

I spent a lot of time working and living, not realizing it was research. I also pissed off a few friends who thought I strayed from the path & deserted them.

By 2008, I finished first drafts to one and a half Books of Blues.

Then my career it full swing and I started doing a lot of digital marketing. Probably too much. I’m still working on rebuilding strength to atrophied muscle groups because I sat in a chair so much.

Now in 2018, my wife tells me it’s time to finish those Books of Blues.

They’re always spinning in my head. My characters have been in my head so long they’re legally old enough to drink. So long as the Mrs. doesn’t mind that I get lost on that Book of Blues world for hours at a time, losing track of all the time I steal.

Here’s to seeing it through to the end.

I’m From:

  • Brunswick, Maine by my mama.
  • Valparaiso, Indiana (AKA The Region suburbs of Chicago) by my family.
  • Southwest Florida for so many incredible family holidays.
  • San Francisco Bay Area, California by #coinflip for four years. Got a little too addicted to the weather, wineries, and craft brews there – when the air was clean enough to breathe outside.
  • Now, Oregon. With a plan for a home along the Oregon Coast and a little condo in Portland.

And all the roads and flight routes in between.

Once Those Books Are Written.

I hope to get them published. On my terms. It won’t be enough to see them in print.

If I wanted that, I’d go to AuthorHouse. Either way, DB Frazier is hoping I get them finished soon so he can read them and Pollack it with his red marker. Deep, bold, blood red marker.

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