I came really close to starting the Book of Blues Prequel yesterday, but as the Jack Johnson line quoted in this post’s title would indicate, the day was lost in regards to writing – as with many days in the past.

Now that I think about it, I swear I’ve heard the line before I heard it in Jack Johnson’s Fall Line. Like it was a military song or something similar. Or a parody of a line, perhaps.

Not that yesterday was a lost. Trips to Florida Gulf Coast University, Alico Arena, and the movie theatre made for a fulfilling day. The end of the day presented the choice of walking or writing. I can think out dialogues when I walk; I can’t walk when I write on a laptop.

The choice was easy.

Today is off to a better start. This post is almost done. I’ve eaten n the food’s almost digested. The suntan lotion has soaked in. And I’m almost done watching David Caruso make his CSI: Miami character ‘Horatio Caine’ sound more like Shatner’s ‘Cpt. Kirk’ than normal in this episode. It’s probably because there’s a gun everyone’s looking for called ‘The Vaporizer.’


Wow, Horatio Caine is a bad muthaf*cker. Note to self: next time you have a choice of either shooting or talking to Horatio Caine: shoot fast. Especially after you’ve shot up his Hummer with a Vaporizer. Then, after he shoots you and the gangbangers standing 40 yards away looking to buy the Vaporizer, he’ll stand over you and remind you of his John Wayne-ness:

“Looks like it only takes the one.”
‘One’ shot, that is.

Such coolness prompted me to watch another episode. Curse my friend for making me research the mesmerizing bliss that is David Caruso.

I’ll get my day started in a few more more minutes.

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