It’s early afternoon here just off the island. Though Ernest Hemimgway never stepped foot on neither Sanibel or Captiva Island, the official Ernest Hemingway Festival can be found out here during the summer because the local Chamber of Commerce decided to do what Key West presumably didn’t do: get the Hemingway estate’s blessing. I’d guess along with the blessing goes a percentage of the festival’s revenue. It might sound cynical, but anyone with a business class under their belt knows it makes good business sense.

At this point in time in the day, were I Hemingway, I would have been up early, would have had the writing for the day done n I’d be off to binging. But, as an anti-Hemingway, I got up, went back to bed n will get the day done before I write.

Some write to fill their cup; some write to empty themselves.

I hope to write tonight.

Thoughts need spilt and emptied like Hemingway’s mojitos.

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