The first two chapters in the Book of Blues Prequel have been completed. Two chapters in and I already have to tweak my Book of Blues to tie them together seemlessly. But I’m excited. I have the Book of Blues Prequel outline sketched and within a couple pages of writing, I’ve already went to a new place – which prompted the tweaking. The coolest part was that it was the character that took me there.

I’m assuming the Book of Blues Prequel will be easier to write since I’ve already know the characters and have used them before.

Then again, what do I know?

Of course, none of this day’s progress has been written down: NFL Week 17’s games gave started. Bears need to beat Houston (up 10-0 at this moment) and Minnesota needs to lose to the Giants (up 3-0 right now. Grrrr) for the Bears to win the NFC North. Otherwise, Tampa Bay (tied 0-0) and Dallas (later) need to lose for the Bears to get the wild card birth (with a win).

To add to my Book of Blues distractions, my mother and aunt and uncle are having their last full day in Ft. Myers, Margaritaville. I see my aunt and uncle too infrequetly as to lock myself up on such a beautiful day and not spend time with them. That’s why laptops were invented: so I can work nearly anywhere at any time.

So long as my reason doesn’t excuse itself into a distraction.

Damn, Peterson just ran a 67-yard touchdown run to give Minnesota a 10-0 lead. Back to the business at hand.

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