One of the best New Years I’ve experienced in years. I enjoyed outdoor dining with oldold man Finn, went DVD shopping n watched movies with the oldold man. Then, while we were enjoying Saving Private Ryan – ololdold man Finn’s first DVD purchase – I started something I hadn’t done in two years: wrote new Book of Blues content.

It was invigorating.

I felt like I was going back in time, watching the lives of old friends, again. And the most beautiful thing regarding the visit: I get to do it again once this post is done.

The writing was both a homecoming and a scary, uncharted adventure. A mixture of hearth and heartpounding. An orchard of Red Light Oranges.

I did write the Prologue to the Book of Blues Sequel this summer.

Overwhelmed in augmented day job duties that was blowing the ink off the job description in my contract, I needed an escape before I exploded. The only time available was stolen. During a late-night temporal theft, the Prologue popped out like the white sh*t from a squeeed zit. It was a release, something that needed to be done to get myself back to within site of my equilibrium.

Though the experience was enjoyed, there wasn’t an opportunity to savor and reflect upon the newborn content. The quick, early-morning nap I called, “a night’s sleep” blinked in and out and I moreorless lived another two-months in the office before I could take time to remember that the Book of Blues Sequel Prologue was written.

Time to take another visit to the Book of Blues Prequel.

I should hear from my cousin in a couple days. I hope to get a status report on the copyediting of the original Book of Blues. Saying I’m “antsy” would be an understatement.

Warm weather New Years is ideal. I’m converted.

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