In a scary thought, weather isn’t delaying my long flight home. Mechanical issues with the first plane has backed me up 2 hours. Who made this flight up: Ft. Myers to Orlando to pick up passengers on the way to Columbus, OH, then a layover (now extended further) on my way to Chicago. Then, once the leapfrog flying is done I have a 60-minute bus ride to Merrillville, IN, then a car ride to my grandfather’s to get my car. Then home for a nap and back to the grind. Painful.

I stayed 16 days in Ft Myers, Margaritaville to recharge.

Now, I’m dreading the flight home. The cold, the grind, waiting for stolen moments to get back to Book of Blues Sequel, I’ll be fighting depression until the weather warms up. So, I’ll be fighting depression until the 4th week of the MLB season.

I’m getting too old to fight it with comfort food. Two weeks in Ft. Myers and I’m back to craving the taste of healthy foods, again. Detox, if you will. I don’t want to slip back into the bad habits, again. I developed them when I was broke, living at the corn crib and I expounded them when writing Book of Blues. It’ll be a struggle.

I have family coming back to Ft. Myers, Margaritaville at the end of March for oldold man Finn’s birthday. My sanity might have me coming back with them.

Ways I’m going to fight weather-induced depression:

  1. Stop eating comfort foods
  2. Stop using caffiene as a stimulant
  3. Stop drinking pop
  4. Avoid high-sugar foods so I don’t have ups and downs
  5. Walk once a day
  6. Blog at least every other day
  7. Work on personal projects
  8. Keep focused on other things such as Book of Blues
  9. When spirits are low, hit a tanning bed. Get the melanin in the skin going. It was a trick we’d use at valet when the weather became unbearable.
  10. Get rest and recreation.

Hopefully, practicing these warm-weather ideals will help me reach my physical and career goals so when the weather warms up I’ll get to enjoy it to the fullest.

I’m almost sad to find out that I’m going to still be able to make my connecting flight. I’d a rescheduled for tomorrow. One more night I. The island would have been a dream. I got oldold man Finn addicted to outdoor dining. I haven’t eaten an evening meal indoor since…hell if I know.

At this moment, it’s 78 on Ft. Myers, Margaritaville and 22 in Valparaiso, IN.

Always the details. Always the details.

I am happy I got to recharge, got to spend quality time with oldold man Finn, and got a good directional start on Book of Blues Prequel. If I had a month here, I’d want another month. I want November through May here. It’s my career goal.

I appreciated my time here.

I’ll be heartbroken for it when I finally leave. I’ll be counting down the days to my return.

Thank you, Ft. Myers, Margaritaville, until we meet again – which could be sooner than expected if this flight mess isn’t sorted out.

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