Finally made it to the local Mecca, Cheeseburger in Paradise. It was theraputic, enjoyable. I’m a sucker for outdoor dining to begin with, but put me within site of a flat panel tv so I can watch the NFL Wildcard games m me n oldold man are happier than pigs in slop.

I got to experience fine SW Florida local minor league hockey.

The Florida Everblades Zambonis
The Florida Everblades Zambonis

It was a twist from watching FGCU basketball where the announcer there requested the crowd cheered on an optimistic manner. Hockey fans, on the other hand, are playfully mean. It think the Everblades reacted off the crowd a little too much because after scoring 3 goals in the first ten minutes of the game – which resulted in having the opponent’s goalie replaced – the Everblades started to play like the Hanson Brothers from Slap Shot. They successfully killed 8 of 9 of their opponent’s power plays while bruising their way to an easy 4-2 victory despite being outshot 37-20.

Good to see there’d be things to do out here in case I ever moved down. I’ve been watching the local realty channel as I write this. In order to live in the home I’d want – screened-in pool, western gulfside view on the island and “just steps to the beach” (note to local SW Florida realty copywriters: first one to come up with an original version of that worn-out phrase gets the viewers’ attention) – I’d only have to sell Book of Blues Prequel, Book of Blues, Book of Blues Sequel, write n sell the movie scripts, star in the movies, win acclaimed awards, win the WSOP main event, win the lottery, wish upon a star, rub a lucky coin, pray to the applicable patront saints, catch a lepprechaun, and get a little lucky.

Hmph. I got a little writing to do.

And, no, I can’t write the Book of Blues just to sell. The series already themes the values of relating and identifying with people. Because of this focus point, the story is moreorless writing itself. I have to focus on getting the details.

Time to go enjoy my last full day this season in Ft. Myers, Margaritaville. One day, I’ll be able to live at Mecca in some fashion.

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