“Welcome back, Finn. We moved up some deadlines while you were on vacation. You can check your email later.”

And like that, it was time to go headlong back into the grind.

I tried not to let go of the feeling of still being in Ft. Myers, Margaritaville. The task was made more arduous by the fact it has snowed every day since I’ve been back.

I got used to seeing OldOld man Finn everyday. It was like he was back home.

I got used to outdoor dining. Palm trees became an everyday part of my personal landscape. My body is starting to go through withdrawal from not feeling the cooling gulf breeze. I haven’t seen the sun lately let alone a sundown.

Not like the sundowns over the Gulf of Mexico.

I did see sunup, again, last night from my office windows. It’s Saturday afternoon. Didn’t sleep much this AM. Time to go back in and get the big projects done. There’s no such thing as “ok” on projects. It’s success or failure.

Needless to say that I don’t get to work on Book of Blues Prequel this weekend. So goes the day job. Its a privilege, so I remind myself.

Wow, did I get a refresher in basic copywriting 101.

It’s taken three drafts to write content for this huge project.

  • The first draft was SEO copy.
  • The second draft was flowery.
  • The third draft, I finally remembered how to write broad.

Simple, declarative sentences.

It’s been awhile since I had to write without creative nuances thrown in. It took restraint. Good practice, though afterwards I was ready to run back to some Book of Blues. 😀

Back to the grind.

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