A week ago, Google updated their indexing algorithm. The change was codenamed, “Panda 2.2.” The changed initially gave my project a 50% uptick in traffic.

Today, It Took It All Away & Then Some

A 95% dip in traffic for the project.

I sat paralyzed in bed for a couple hours. 4, actually.

It felt like that old Grateful Dead song, “Brown-Eyed Women:”

Stormed so loud that the roof caved in.

My Delilah Jones of a project went to met her God.

And This Old Man Never Felt the Same Again.

Area SEO expert Allyn Hane thinks I can get the rankings back in 60-90 days if I stay diligent with the Summer of 210,000 Words, but it’s even scarier to climb the mountain again after you’ve already been knocked off once. And this is assuming I haven’t burned the project by being too aggressive.

So I’m taking the advice I gave myself earlier this week: I’m gonna let up and not press so hard.

But I’m still spasming every 5 minutes.

This is going to be a long 6 weeks.

I’ll have to keep the workouts up and the eating down so I at least keep my health. If August comes and the project is still a failure, it won’t be so bad if the diet is successful.

And, who knows about the project.

To paraphrase the song: the bottle might be dusty but the liquor could still be clean.

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