Writing is paradoxical. Great big universe of endless possibilities with the only limitation being one’s own imagination, and you have to be confined to a chair and write it all down on a little black box.

Coupled with the overwhelming fear of not knowing how the project’s going to turn out or how it will be received, pouring out a heart and soul & leaving it on the table without any guarantees regarding reciprocity…yeah, I can see why writer’s drink so much.

I did better than yesterday.

But the Shakes still came in. I didn’t hit my 3,500 words, but that was mostly because I was watching 9 hours of Burn Notice as I was working. How wouldn’t? The Season 5 premiere was on.

2,800 words and doing 6 days a week should work out just fine, for today. I’ll have to make it up.

But the shakes hit.

Not walking yet didn’t help. Usually if I finish one of the two I do ok.

But the groove is back.

…though the foundation is a little shaky.

And while I’m working on the Summer of 210,000 words, ideas for the Book of Blues prequel keep floating in my head. I’m afraid to listen to any kind of music besides bad country for fear of my mind wondering too far. I need 8 more weeks minimum before I can start giving the proper time to them books.

Then, I can let the pixies spin and the notes fly and the charismatic idiosyncrasies overwhelm me. Let them shoot out like fireworks and light the canvases above me with something I want to be a part of.

And the blues fall all around me.

Because when the ideas for the books hit, I do get entranced.

Oh, those times.

For example, in the prequel I added a layer to the main character while thinking about the OldOld Man during Father’s Day. And, go figure, I’m using the blog as a, go figure, web log to remember to remember that when I get a chance to go back to that.

A mountain, a trail, a night out after curfew, an old man, a 1930 National Resonator Guitar…and not a word was spoken…stop, Finn.

That’s, like, even how a blog is used. Craziness.

Oh, those goals for September:

  • California
  • 210 lbs
  • Start back on the Book of Blues prequel

Summer of 210,000 Words Daily Stats – June 23, 2011

Words: 2,800
Alarm to Walk: 13 hours
Miles Walked: 4 (in a few minutes)
Project Website Hits: 1,800 hits

But I’m not ruining my health, again.

So I’m going to go walk. I’m not going back to 262 lbs. Actually, I was at 267 lbs. I was down to 262 lbs. when I went to Florida.

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