In the wake of yesterday’s Pandified disaster, I shivered and shook so much my cell phone was taken away from so I wouldn’t keep checking stats.

I agreed under the premise that it was checked frequent in case family or friends call.It Just Dinged, Again.

Another Shout Out Goes to Allyn Hane of Blogger Illustrated & Jonathan Thomas of Anglotopia for talking me off the ledge. Especially Allyn, who moreorless bitchslapped me in an email and told me to calm down.

It’s what I needed to hear.

I think I figured out what Google didn’t like about my project’s site. So I made a couple changes and am making them to my other sites. If it goes well, the nightmare should be over by the next round of changes.

And I’ll explain what I did then.

I don’t want to give bad advice. I’d rather test it first.

Sometimes, your friends & family make you let go.

Oh, the project is still underway. The shivers are starting to give-way to snarls & my anger is starting to rise up as I get my mojo back.

It’s harder when it’s your own work & you’ve never seen this brand of game-changer before.

This Panda stuff from Google better start coming with Pepto-Bismal if the rankings don’t come back in the next round of updates hit.

Why won’t they come back right away?

Because, apparently, Google’s Panda changes are so overwhelming they they can’t run it on their system full time because it would tax it too much.

But the thing that hurts the most.

Is that the project was so close to running on it’s own. Sooo close. But now it had to scale down for a bit and get fixed.

And so the fight continues.

It’s going to make me that much less dependent on Google and build the project’s brand that much more.

Shout out to the friends.

I have to treat it like I’m a consultant to myself & quit spazzing out.

I just wanted something to go right.

I hadn’t crashed like that in years. But that’s thoughts for another day. For now. It’s Saturday. It’s time to watch some movies and walk and relax.

And fight, again, tomorrow.

Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderWorks via Flickr

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