I had a crisis of faith when the Google Panda 2.2 disaster hit my project. But it’s not my first Googley-Woogley issue I’ve dealt with. I do this for a living. The fact that everyone in the industry is going through uncharted waters together for the first time in years helps.

Now I’m waiting on Google to see if the changes are going to work.

Luckily, I’ve Gone Through This Kind of Thing Before.

A work-only thing isn’t going to make me crash. It was just the tipping point. Everything in my life is in a holding pattern. The project was the thing in my life that had the best chance of going right and bringing some relief to the personal & professional stresses.

It’s as if everything is woven together without any slack or give so if one string pulls, the fabric unravels.

Luckily, I’ve Gone Through This Kind of Thing Before.

My last crash happened a few years ago back when I was writing the first Book of Blues. This time around, the personal aspect looked like it was going to be the first part to go right.

Then She Called

And said she didn’t think it was going to work. It was code for the fact that she’d already moved on, again.

Part of me was relieved. I was a little bit country; she was a little bit rock & roll. Back in school we were pirates. She got me through the incredible breakdown I had in college. She wouldn’t admit it unless she was drinking but she was jealous of the reason for that particular breakdown. It didn’t matter: it was about the adventures. I trusted her when we were pillaging but in the end we both knew the pirate’s life wasn’t for me.

Still, I Was Going to Try to Shoehorn It.

Which is probably why she stopped it, again. Though when I told her we’d never try again, she was mad for a second:

“Then what’s the point of being friends if we couldn’t date down the road?”
“You don’t want the job now!”

We recovered to be friends.

But then she got engaged.

I was at a convention in Indianapolis when she called. It’s like she knew I could lean on a bar when she told me the news. I really was happy for her, but that cold January cold day turned bitter at the thought she moved on before I did, again.

I Thought I Was Going to Get to Meet Him & Send a Card.

But, it wouldn’t have been her had it gone any other way.

She Is That Kind of Beautiful.

I hope she gets that baby, soon.

Luckily, I’ve Gone Through This Kind of Thing Before.

And these last two crashes don’t compare the one before that. It’s like I’m getting better at them.

And As For the Personal Thing Now?

Ain’t nothin’ but a family thing.

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