Last time I had a real hard emotional crash was in September 2003. It was the one my pirate friend helped me through. The moment it started I had to Tears-of-a-Clown it to the few hundred gamblers who were racing up to my footsteps so me and my co-workers could take care of their cars for the evening. Normally, I’d have time away from the masses to deal with it, but on that day I was covering for a supervisor and running the show during the rush. The only moments I had to deal with it was the 2 minutes before I had to clock in.

2 Minute Offense

My roommate was getting ready to clock in, too. I told him the news, popped the trunk, pulled out a 6-iron & gave it to him. Then I went back into my car, pulled out my lucky charm – her hoop earring she lost in my car one night – & tossed it to my roommate. He rested the lucky charm on a couple blades of grass. It took him a couple tries, but eventually he launched that charm halfway across the field. Unfortunately the field wasn’t very long so I picked the charm back up and tossed it onto US 12.

Then I had to go fake a Smokey Robinson up front.

I Still Text Her on Her Birthday

If you know my phone number, you know what day that is.

Photo Credit: 1) Dirk Dallas & 2) BernardBoyGenius via Flickr

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