We’re somewhere around version 4 or 5 of the brand colors for BiziPorts. We’re about to finish up version 4 of the website – or 5, if we count the bright yellow one that apparently only my eyes could actually handle without going blind. Man, that was back when I could barely bold text in HTML.

We’re also doing three websites on BiziPorts, and a review site, at the same time. That’s not including my personal site and our client work that helps us through these lean days while get’r ready for launch.

We’ve had the discussion: which do we need? The marketing plan or the content?

Man, these are questions that will drive you nucking futs. Get out two sheets of paper, or two monitors, or two monitors and two sheets of paper, or two computers and four monitors with two rolls of butcher paper: one mounted high on the wall and one sitting in the half-wall in the meeting area…

Christ-have-mercy, just go. Make the mistakes. Find out the resources as you need them. No matter what you do, it won’t finish anywhere close to how you started. And whatever startup you’re working on won’t look like anything you thought it was when you first got that cockeyed burr up your ass to do it.

We all love sex. And sex is as messy as f***.

Well, if you’re doing it right. And sometimes, that beautiful, cathartic, creative process not only produces a beautiful, synergistic relationship, but creates a family, a child or few at a time.

Your startup is going to be like that: quite possibly a little messy, smelly, bumbling mess of fat and gunk that needs wiped off with a towel and clipped with some scissors.

And it will be exactly what I just described it would be: the most beautiful thing in the world.

Let it be sloppy. Let it be messy. Clean it up later. And if you’re really, really luck, the historians will do it for you.

Now, where the f*** did I put my notes?

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