Holy shit, I just turned off NBA playoff basketball. I don’t ever do that when the Bulls are in it, especially when they have a series lead on LeBron and definitely never on the day after an incredible buzzer-beater. At least, I never have before unless we had to get to dinner with the OldOld Man back home, whether home was The Region or Southwest Florida.

But it happened

While waiting for Katie to come back from pre-business travel errand running, I started reading my notes from last night’s AdWords studies. I also had the wizards Hawks game on. NBA Eastern Conference Second round playoffs game 4. First quarter. I was also chatting with Katie while she was returning and texting with my neighbor. He’s thinking about getting into brewing on Alameda Island.

While that was going on I was beginning to develop a bad taste in my mouth. I thought it was the coffee, since I’ve now accidentally had three cups before the sun has reached our west-facing patio.

I started getting the feeling one who smokes probably gets, that feeling where no cigarette tastes as good as the first one. The Diminished Utility principle they teach in Economics, I’m assuming.

I looked at the chats with my neighbor, they seemed fun still. I looked at Katie’s updates and they were great. I looked at my notes and they captured me in a Zen-like fashion.

Then I looked at the screen, and that bad taste returned. I also started to feel like I had eaten too much and needed a nap. I grabbed the remote and I started to wince, like I was going through #FOMO. I probably was. Then I closed my eyes and turned off the TV.

A funny thing happened: the taste left my mouth. I didn’t get thrown out of the basketball lovers club, that I know of, yet. At least I haven’t receive a text or app update notifying me of a membership termination. Also, I didn’t die & I didn’t cry – yet, again, contingent upon app updates notifying me otherwise of my demise.

And life moved on.

I might not be the first to know what happens in the NBA today, but as I look at my notes I see that I’m that much closer to getting through certs and training. Knowledge of John Wall’s 5 fractured bones in his hand didn’t get me that, and knowing whether or not he’ll play game 5 won’t help. At least not now, in this moment. And probably not later on.


So I’ll study and write about the experiences here in Bay Area for those moving this way.

The beer adventures sounds like fun.

Why beer when you live adjacent to the Livermore wine valley?

Because it’s a complimentary market that is growing for those who come visit with their spouses, don’t know or care to know the differences between a Syrah and a Zinfandel, but like beer. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t boomed before out here. The Midwestern effect I’m guessing.

And, craft beer is awesome.

Anyway, I’m learning more and
more about this strange land they call Bay Area, California. It’s what I’m learning when I’m not learning code and Googledom. Both of those help my life more than knowing the instant something happens in Sports. Sadly.

So, be on the lookout for things I find to do in Bay Area when I’m not studying.

And, about the wedding?

Next post. 🙂

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