I started this 40,000 feet up and somewhere over Salt Lake City, heading west for home after 12 days, 6,000 miles, 4 states, 3 coasts, 3 beds, 2 couches, 1 mattress, and 1 photobomb of the mother and her 2 kids in front of us, worth of travel. All this just to surprise a childhood best friend and celebrate the OldOld Man’s 90th birthday. At the moment I’m ‘fueled by Fat Tire and Lorna Doones – Katie swapped the craft beer for a Bloody Mary.

We’ve been talking during the flight about the week ahead, and the quarter ahead. There’s a wedding to finish planning, a car (or two) to get registered in California, and a platform I have to finish. And that’s not including the training it’s gonna take to help out with debugging and actual programming – we’ll see if I have the chops for server-side when the time comes. But, before that there’s finishing re-upping our Google certs to get their vanity tags.

And taxes. I actually plan on having that done shortly.

The vanity tag certifications should take a couple weeks, maybe less.

I spent the boarding time on the flight thinking about the podcast I recently referred to in a previous update:

I’m thinking about the one that described the different ways bison and cattle treat an oncoming storms in an open plain. Cattle think they can outrun it so they turn and flee. What happens is they get exhausted, drained, worn out, and wetter than if they were standing still – and all of that not considering the sweat they churned. Their casualties pile up, and their health suffers. It isn’t good for them, the ranchers, or to whom they are sold.

Bison know there’s nowhere to hide. They know the storm is moving. What they do is instead of trying to run, they turn into the storm. They take its worst, suffer their losses, but it is over before they know it. And they can go on to the next step in life.

It (probably) explains why buffaloes are tough and cattle are slaughtered by the field. (Katie note: correlation isn’t causation. #justsaying)

There’s only one way to get through these upcoming events successfully

And it will be to go straight through them. Let the dust gather on the tv remote. Leave the project management system open on a browser tab instead of messengers and email, and dive into the storm.

I’m hoping the strategy also works with hurricanes. But most importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing what these moments leading up to the end produce on the other side.

Crossing over Reno now

Time to pack, publish, and prepare for landing.

There are still a shit ton of people back home I didn’t get to see. I tried to stop by Valpo Velvet but I guess they’re still closed. Family ‘thang was the reason I drifted by Blackbird Cafe for only 2 minutes. Lahti ducked out of F8 before I could finish birthday cleanup on Saturday night (jerk :-p ). The list goes on. I’m trying guys, I promise. Of course, it’d make it easier if y’all wanted to visit the California wine country and crash on our spare bed. 🙂

On to the next one…

photo credits: me
originally posted from my iPhone 5s. Sorry in advance for any and all typeos

Katie note: I left the hilarious typo in the last word there. Can’t beat that ironic humor.

On to the next one –
“I move onward, the only direction / can’t be scared to fail / searchin’ perfection”

“Fuck the throwback jersey cause we on to the next one…and [slur] don’t be mad cause it’s all about progression / loiterers should be arrested” – Shawn Carter

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