We ran 6 rounds of dishes through the dishwasher the last two weekends, again. All our silverware, bowls, and every coffee cup that fits in our Keurig were among the casualties.

There are two of us in our home. Four, with the puppies, but they’re better at washing their coffee mugs than am I. Given that Katie’s office does a great job keeping the kitchen areas stocked with multi-cultural breakfast foods, snacks, drinks, teas & coffees, that really leaves only one culprit for the dishes: me.

It’s a waste: of counter space, feng shui, water usage, dishware resources, and time to run through dishes like I do.

Sweet, sweet time.

I could rinse and wash when I’m done using the dishes, and we’d have a cleaner kitchen more often.

It becomes a big deal when working from home.

And “home” is an 807-sq-ft apartment, with a nice patio. And the kitchen is at my ‘6’ when I’m at my computer, which means it’s the first thing I see when I turn around to get up. It quickly becomes an eyesore which triggers my claustrophobia with just a few repetitions.

It sounds like a little thing, but little things quickly become big things when in smaller spaces. Big things become distractions. Distractions become impediments. Impediments become another milestone that has to be overcome to achieve goals.

If all it takes to keep that milestone grounded down into fine rubble is to wash my dishes as I use them, then I’ve been a fool for too long.

I can hear my mother telling me how she’s not going to tell me that she told me so.

Speaking of which, if I don’t go pick out a suit for the wedding, that’s not the only time she’s going to be able to tell me. But, with most of the apartment cleaned, and a renewed approach to the kitchen, hopefully all these other big things will start to feel smaller as my claustrophobia remains subdued.

Clean home. Clear thoughts

That’s got to be a proverb, right?

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