60 days into My Fitness Pal and I’m really starting to turn it into a routine. I get those little instinctive shakes, similar to the kind of shakes the you get the moment you realize you lost your car keys, if I forget to make an update. Even more exciting, it’s taking over as the number one social media platform I use: if you can call it that.

The biggest obstacle these 30 days

The hardest part of this 30 day stretch was getting sick. I didn’t really eat too bad, but I didn’t work out enough to justify the number of calories I was consuming.

Also, forgetting the work / exercise balance

I also broke my workout routine when I was doing client writing. I didn’t want to do the work because I was pulling Project 02 out of mothballs so we can test it on the BiziPorts. I was halfway through freshening the links and content display on each page before I had to go back into the client writing. Unfortunately, when it comes to Project 02, I can be like a dog with bone: I want to go into hiding and finish gnawing on it before I stick me head up again. I found myself sneaking back to it, doing little CSS edits on it, obsessing over the index status in Google – confirming that my assessment of its indexing issues are correct. It should’ve taken two and a half days to write the content, but with the obsession, the writing took six. It cut into some AdWords time, which I can’t cut out, so Project 02 got put on the back burner for a few days. It perpetuated my anxiety because I was about through that bone.

The obsessions broke my routines. I stopped going out for the daily walks for about a week, only squeezing in a couple at night in that span.

Now I’m back on track this week and I’m in good position going in March, but really kind of mad at myself because the Project 02 reboot should been done by now had I stayed in the routine.

During that lapse of routine that I also missed three days of full calorie counting on My Fitness Pal. I’m probably being hard himself, ’cause I had most of the meals in but I forgot to scan & add vegetables here and I forgot to add the wine there…

The Weigh-In

Weight: I’m sitting in about a flat 240/241. The last four days I’ve either had wine before I went to bed & each of the last two days I’ve had two slices of Papa John’s pizza. This means I have had water retention.

If I can go three days without either an I’ll be under 240 for the first time since 2006.

Day 62 update: Hello, 239 lbs.

Here’s to the next month

Props to the friends on MFP who encourage me. 16 down, and 41 to go. Not even possible with out y’all’s help. Here’s to hoping I reciprocate.

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