This morning I spent an hour in bed curled up like a ball, checking web stats over & over again as if my looking at them will change them, all the while paralyzed at what else might not go my way.

I’m not Superman but I think I get strength from the Sun.

Preface: so far I’ve gone from 262 lbs. down to 247 lbs.

My secret was remembering that before my career began I was athletic & uber-active. Working at the boat after college required me to walk / run up to 20 miles a day. Granted, we figured out how to reduce those trips but, still, you’d have trouble not putting In a minimum of 8 miles until that final year when they finally put the valet lot back neat the boat. Then I ballooned to 230 lbs. because the distance shrank but we would still fuel our bodies as if we had to do those distances.

Going from that kind of work to 60 hours a week in a chair took a drastic tool on my health & my energy levels. And because my body wasn’t running and walking to achieves those levels, I’d snack.

And I’m fixing that.

1) I’m finally cutting my snacking. It took two years but I now finally grab for a water & a toothpick instead of a pop or chips. Props to my sister for her persistence in me making this change.

Why not gum?

Sorbitol. Drinking 48 oz of pop a day at the boat means my kidneys have a keen dislike for sweeteners. If I’d a known they’d go so far as to revolt when I chew gum, I’d a stopped years ago.

2) Workout before working on a computer. To me, it was the Chicken BEFORE the Egg. Why? Because if you take care of the chicken, the chicken takes care of the egg. The egg can’t take care of the chicken.

Same thing here: if I take care of my body, my body will take care of my career. As an Internet / Inbound marketer, my career won’t take care of my body. Thus, the price of freedom.

So before I touch a computer – pending emergencies – I take a walk.

I’m simply a better marketer at 215 lbs. & healthy. There’s no vice versa.

My anxiety lessens after I get a good walk in, not when I get my scheduled work done. That’s an answer in itself.

3) Check only email before I get up. My days are rising and falling with the web stats from my project, and though I won’t touch a computer before I walk, I’ll touch my iPhone 4.

And I can view my web stats from my iPhone 4.

So I still have stuff to work on.

I have to learn to control what I can control.

Time for me to walk now.

I know, “if won’t touch a computer before I walk, how am I writing this?”

iPhone 4 loophole.

I was up till 4am working on a glitch, just ate, the food is digesting & I’m finishing up watching the latest episode of Covert Affairs. Nice try though :-).

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