Starting Wednesday, June 15, 2011, I begin my Summer of 210,000 Words. I’m scared, I’m nervous, I’m excited.

I’m rolling the dice.

What Is the Summer of 210,000 Words?

While I sort out the next phase or two of my career, I’m completing most of a huge first stage to a commerce / branding project. It’s so I can have a testing ground for SEO / Google-Woogley stuff. If it goes right, I might even be able to pay my phone bill with it :-).

I might never publicly admit to the name of the project. It’s not that I’m embarrassed. It’s that we’re overjoyed that the project is making a name for itself. It’s showing that that Inbound Marketing / Googley-Woogley does work when you commit to it.

It Started with Three, Now the Road Is Long

I originally had two partners. I got that cut in half and now for the next few months and, perhaps, much longer, I’m going alone. It’s not what I wanted – that’s why I wanted partners. But that’s the hand I’m dealt. Luckily, I have a great network of friends and supporters who are able to catch me when I fall, fail, have panic attacks…

…And a partner who still believes in me and in the project.

No, the Project Hasn’t Gone According to Plan.

Next time I’m going to start with my original plan, which is my plan for everything. It’s Napoleon’s Battle Plan:

  • Part one: Show up.
  • Part two: See what happens

I’d have less crisises of faith.

What Does the Summer of 210,000 Words Entail?

The Math:

  • ~ 600 web posts / updates
  • ~ 350 words a post

With a lot of luck it’ll be done by the time I go to Blog Indiana’s #BIN2011.

What Does the Summer of 210,000 Words Not Entail?

  • The words writing for Blog Indiana
  • The words writing for #NWITweetup – though we’re taking it light this summer before picking it back up this September
  • The words writing for the project’s status
  • The posts chronicling the Summer of 210,000 Words
  • And, when I find time, Them Book of Blues – though realistically I hope to be able to start revisiting them by Fall.

This Also Means…

I’ll Also Be Tweeting About the Adventures.

You can follow my updates by following the hashtag #210k.

Wish me luck.

First Things First.

Spending the last few quality hours I have left with my sister before she goes back to Cali. She’s got a bit of Inbound Marketing Crash Coursing Left to Do.

And If It All Goes Well…

They’ll be 210,000 words and redemption to by found.

What Redemption?

Sweet, cathartic, wide-open-spaces-of-freedom redemption.But, that’s not a topic for today.

Title Credit: Inspired by the Caedmon’s Call song “40 Acres.”

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