The only light in the house is coming from the monitor, letting me know that there’s only 14 more updates to perform before it shuts down for the evening.

Well, and this iPhone 4.

Come Hell or high water, midnight’s becoming the shut down time. I’ve borrow from too many tomorrows to keep today alive.

Day Two of the Summer of 210,000 Words went a lot smoother. In order to hit 210,000 words in 60 days I have to write 3,500 words a day. Today I hit ~ 2,450. 70%. Figuring I didn’t even hit half that yesterday I figure I’m going in the right direction.

It started with me getting out of bed faster. It only took 45 minutes to get from alarm to walking. 6 miles today. But I just HAD to check stats. I just had to. And I snacked a little before going to bed. I was on the phone with The Wolf, trying to create a social platform strategy for my sister’s project. It’s amazing what can be found in open source.

Tomorrow’s Goals

  1. Hit 3,500 words
  2. Walk 10 miles
  3. Pay Bills

This Is Why I Claim to Not Be in Town

Because I have one goal:

To get the project far enough along to where I can have time to go to California in September, help my sister, & FINALLY write a little on them books of blues!

The updates are done. It’s time to do a little reading and let tomorrow pay for itself.

What are your goals for the summer??

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