45 minutes, alarm to walking. 11.4 miles of walking – broken into segments of 7.3 & 4.1 miles. The runner’s high got me through the day. But I looked at the damned stats again. Luckily, they were encouraging. Bad, bad habit. I know I can get that alarm to walking time down to 30 minutes – pending bathroom ritual.

A special nod goes out to Doctor Nicholas Ring via Twitter for his support today. It’s good to be back to a point where athletics keeps me going:

As for the 210,000 Words.

As for the 3,500 words I needed today. Yeah, only 1,050 today. I’m gonna let it go though. Administrative duties, errand running and a stray dog we had to walk back home took up some time. Just a fraction of that is scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully, for tomorrow, the 10 miles and 3,500 words is a reality. Maybe even 4,200.

The project is seeing an impact because of the progress. Doing the stats report tomorrow but today was a record day for web traffic. And now with web hosting to support it, I’m hoping it will grow from there.

But Faith Still Seams a Step Out of Focus.

Though I guess it always feels that way when you’re on the move, each step jarring your vision ever so slightly.

For Fear of Jinxing It a Third Time.

Everything is starting coming together. Slowly. Much slower than I expected, but at least it’s moving. Still, it feels like I’m the only one who hasn’t been let in on the joke.

Anxious breeds hypersensitivity.

It’s My Own Path to Walk Alone for Now.

And blessings to the friends who stand behind me – especially The Wolf who keeps saving my ass. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I can’t forget it. It’s a debt I will repay in spades.

I don’t know how not to.

One More Silver Dollar.

If family history is any indication… I have to keep movin’ to keep movin.’
Run to keep from hiding” as the Allman Brothers sing. I have to continue to be more afraid to sit still than to be afraid to have faith in what I’m doing, even though the results aren’t guaranteed.

I Think That’s Why Most People Don’t Follow Dreams.

It’s simply doesn’t feel safe while you’re chasing them. Once the honeymoon of the moment fades by the wayside and reality settles in, reality comes in and takes up all the space like an unwanted house guest and you, we, barely have room to breathe.

Just Help Reality Unpack & Get Settled.

Offer it some iced tea and a toothpick and let it know it’s going to live by your rules – and do the dishes.

The Anxiety Was Little Today.

And that’s inspiring enough to keep me movin’. And I won’t do that staying up now. It’s 3 minutes past midnight. Time to stop borrowing from tomorrow to get through today.

Anyone Else Going Through Anything Similar?

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