It’s about an hour until the OldOld Man comes and picks up me and my mother for Sunday dinner. We’ll be sneaking down back roads out in the country as we head out to some out-of-the-way place to eat dinner and watch the water roll on by.

We don’t do it because it’s Father’s Day. We do it because it’s Sunday. And when he’s around and not snowbirding in Southwest Florida, the least we can do is eat dinner with him twice a week.

It’s Like Stealing Time.

Yeah, there’s a common enemy between me and the OldOld Man. The time I didn’t get with that common enemy growing up, I feel like I’m making up for now by getting to spend time with the OldOld Man. It’s part history lesson, part character study. You can even call it book research, but however you want to phrase it, it’s beautiful.

And the Best Parts Will Be Kept to Myself.

He’s shown me half the world, gives me the opportunity to experience the other half, rips on me when my lazy ass is being lazy and never puts himself before me. It’s a frightening, powerful display of love and trust because he can do it without ever saying a word.

There Ain’t a More Powerful Lesson Than That.

Because it involves allowing the mystery be, the pieces fall into place, people to act how they will act, honoring promises, letting people choose to be with you – or leave – and to know that whatever happens, you’re going to love and be okay.
Anything else is lust & desire.

I Used to Be Really Good At Honoring Those Lessons

It’s gotten harder the more I’ve lost, but as the Old Old Man would paraphrase Yogi…

“…Until It’s Over.”

And if that ain’t bluesy…

210,000 Words Stats From Yesterday.

Saturday: 2,700 / 3,500 words. But I figured out how to templatize the content further. Think I can hit 4,100 words on Monday.
Alarm to Walking: Don’t ask. Some days the anxiety wins. Didn’t walk until the evening.


Project hit a career day in traffic stats. The commerce wasn’t spread out enough.

Time to recover by the water.

Happy Father’s Day.

…to the friends & family who put their children first without having to ever advertise it, feeling the need to leverage it, or say a word. Y’all are my heroes. Children like me are forever grateful!

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