I watched a section of the Magnolia tree fall outside the bedroom window during the storm. It was just one of those awesome, random acts of moments that I happened to witness.

Life Has Been a Lot Like That Lately.

I was cruising through the day’s 3,500 words when the shivers came over me. Fears. Anxieties. The stats weren’t kind.

I Need to Quit Looking All the Time.

But I’m getting better at pilgriming through the project. About to achieve another stage by Friday.

So Much to Go. So Little Time.

But the shivers subsided when the partner called. She felt bad because she was afraid she was unloading. She was, and I still don’t think she realizes how good it was to hear.

Even After She Reads This.

Whatever happens with the project, it’s a success because it received attention. That’s not a left-handed excuse in case we stop it. It’s a reminder that we got it going, even if I’m the only pushing it forward for the next year or two. So long as more than one of us believed in it and stuck around, regardless of whether it was in deed or in spirit, then the effort was worth it.

And that. Well, that means everything to me.

It’s Like the Story of Dixie Meringue & the Seven Heaven’s Eleven.

The band never made it platinum or gold. They never sold out Alpine Valley or even a local bar on half-price night. Hell, they haven’t even left the friendly confines of my neocortex, but they’re a success because they got this far.

Now I Should Find a Place For Them in Them There Books of Blues.

Sunday: 350 words (Father’s Day).
Monday: 3,150 words.
Tuesday: 3,850 words.

And I got it done in 7 hours today. Means I can crank this up and, possibly, get this project done ahead of schedule.

So much to go…

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