Today was about magic. Getting up early, helping family with winterizing chores before hitting the open road to Duneland. But before my GT could stretch her legs, I did a thing…

I’ll never talk bad about the post office, again.

I dropped off my bills at the post office and headed to the bank on cash a couple checks I just mailed.

Wait, What???

I realized it while standing in line at the bank. I conducted my business as fast as I could and drove back to the post office.

Once there I got went through the door and got in line. It took two steps from the door. “I love the Holiday Season,” he lied.

Any, after 15 minutes I went up and told the worker (who will remain nameless.

“I just did that thing where I mailed the checks I needed to cash along with the bills I just mailed over there.”

“Just recently?” the worker asked.

“Within the last 20 minutes.”

“Meet me over there.”

So as the line made its way through the front door, we went over to the mail chute by the post office boxes while the worker sifted through the mail.

The work found the first one when the PO clerk came over.
“What’s going on?” she asked.
“He accidentally dropped in two checks.”
“Did he fill out a ‘recall of mail’ form?”
“They aren’t in envelopes.”
“He’ll still have to do it,” she said as she slipped me a bureaucratic form.

As I struggled to fill out the form because the the pen kept finding grooves in the counter, the worker found the second check, turned to look to see where the PO Box clerk was, turned to me and said, “Here’s the check. You can fill out that form over there or turn left at the door.”

He gave me a nod and closed the clerk’s door. I headed for the desk and turned left for the door.

And the Rest of the Day Was That Way

Even when the there was hiccups in our Doctor Who Margarita night when my buddy had a Saturday night emergency. Instead of finishing the episode without we started watching some of the best of Matt Smith’s Season 5 Episodes:

  • Episode 10: Vincent and the Doctor,
  • Episode 13: A Christmas Carol,

Both episodes personify what Doctor Who is about: magic & the belief that anything is possible. That is why life is beautiful.

In, “Vincent & the Doctor,” The
curator at The Lourve, played by the brilliant Billy Nyghy, in 100 words told The Doctor that he thought Vincent Van Gogh was the greatest painter of all time because Van Gogh took his pain and torment and from it choose to show the beauty he saw in life as opposed to the pain. An assessment that overwhelmed Van Gogh.

Any a****** can show what’s right in front of them. It takes strength of character to hold on to hope in spite of everything. Because no matter what, anything is possible.

That Is Magic

And I’m reminded of where I am at now.

As the beginning of “A Christmas Carol,” said:

“Well done everyone. We’re halfway out of the dark.”

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Right

Brunch: PB & J
Dinner: Two slices of pizza
Water: 1 glass
Activity: Car work, yard work, tent building

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Not As Right

Dinner: Pizza Slices 3-5
Snacks: 8 snack sized chocolates
Soda / Pop: 60 oz.
Beer: 3
Margarita: 1 (with 1 coming – the William Hartnell episodes really require them. Incidentally, I could have been a history major at 1 tequila shot an hour)
Walking: 0

Summer of 210,000 Words

350/4,000 Words

photo credit: BBC. Not for commercial use. Besides, who can jump a 6-ft crevice. I mean, really

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