Stay the night in Duneland in my weekend bed nestled between a Tony Little Gazelle & a Red Exerciser. I woke up craving pizza and Dr. Pepper for brunch. Is that how they do it…

After some Duneland fall chores me and Gag took a trip out to his brother’s – Grmm’s – place. I said I’d go on one condition:

“Only if we take backroads.”

Spend enough time staring at three screens and a picture window into this domestic neighborhood and I start craving horizon’s and God’s country. And backroading it through Porter County, Indiana is as picturesque as any destination location. In the north you have hilly forests and cottage homes that belly up to the Indiana Dunes. Towards the south you have harvested acreage outlined by trees and it all rolls for miles and miles in every direction and make their way to the Kankakee River. A microcosm of the Midwest in 30 miles or less.

Just a Hemi and time.

A radio that was fading in and out and navigation that didn’t involve our iPhone 4s. The way nature intended it.

I forget I’m not a machine.

And that I need to get away from this technological sh** once in awhile and remember why I want to Publish Books of Blues. You’d think I’d learn that I can’t work first and live second or I’ll pop up my head and discover there’s no one around to live life with.

And about the music on that radio.

No, we didn’t play Rodney Adkin’s “Take a Back Road.” In fact, we forgot it was on half the time. We were dreaming, scheming and watching the miles roll by instead. And, no, I’m not playing Rodkney Adkin’s “Take a Back Road,” now. I’m still listening to Amos Lee.

Just Thinkin’ ‘Bout How the Windows Were Rolled Down.

Hold me accountable things I did right.

Dinner: 7 oz. sirlion with small shrimp. Baked potato wedges. Salad. Balsamic Vinagrette.
Water: 3 glasses
Iced Tea: 2 glasses
Walk: 90 minutes

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Not As Right

Brunch: 2 slices of pizza. 3 snack sized chocolates.
Lunch: Double Whopper (no cheese, no mayo). Small Fries.
Soda Pop: 60 oz.
Dinner: Chips w/ spinach & avocado dip.
Cardio: 0.

Summer of 210,000 Words.

950 / 4,000 words.

But, oh, this weeks is gonna be good!

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