#holdmeaccountable Day 18: Backsliding, City, Colour & the Mission Bell

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Somewhere in the back of my consciousnes I hear Dr. Drew Weiss quoting Robert Burn’s, “To a Mouse.”

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley,”

Followed by his favorite explanation of the couplet:

“Shit Happens.”

So when I miss my 4,000 word goal by, well, 3,800 words, instead of gripping, I try to let it go and prepare for the next day.

City, Colour & the Mission Bell

A ray of sunshine suggested I listen to a band named City & Colour. I got through their 4 albums today and started to listen to their newest album, “Little Hell,” one and a half times. It was good and I’ll write a full review of it before she gets back from her Thanksgiving vacation but going into my 5th hour of listening, I found that I was not quite as addicted as she claimed I’d be, yet. Part of it might have been a 5 hour exposure but part of the problem was that I was still having the shakes from a new artist I discovered while mixing and matching my radio stations on Spotify.

James Taylor & Keb Mo Had a Baby

And they named him Amos Lee and they decried him to soulful, succinct and savored in the bosom of classic roots – blues, country & folk. Some would draw vocal comparisons to Ben Harper and you can hear the caedence at times, but you can also hear the influences of several artists along with Taylor, Mo & Harper such as CCR’s John Fogerty. And, who’s that singing with Lee on, “El Camino Reprise“? Willie Nelson!

Lee is clean, crisp, polished and sharp. You can hear Route 66 open and see the sun set when he plays. Gentlemen acoustic blues. He’s a beautiful throwback, an ode to a day when music took craftsmenship. I’ve heard his latest album, Mission Bell, twice again today.

I Hope I Get to Introduce the Music to Her

It’d be an even trade. If she hasn’t heard of Amos Lee, I think she’ll really like it. And what is more fun to share that good music?

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Right

Brunch: PB & J. Baked Ruffles. Orange
Snack: raisins & cinnamon Chex (no milk).
Dinner: Tilapia. Fruit tray – strawberries, pineapple, muss melon
Walk: 2 hours
Dinner Snack: popcorn, no salt, 1/2 serving
Iced Tea: 3 glasses
Water: 3 glasses

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Not as Right

Brunch: 2nd BP & J
Dinner: Fries
Diet Pepsi: 20 oz.
Cardio: 0

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  • At least you’re writing buddy, I only wish the rest of the awesome content creators in the region would get back into gear.  We have such talent and so few people really writing and engaging. 

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    I still need to reorganize this site. The categories are a wreck and some of it is going to subdomains. After 3 years, it’s time to do something with it. Agreed?

  • Anonymous

    I just got called out for not doing those City & Colour reviews yet. I guess I’ll have to remedy!

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