Somewhere in the back of my consciousnes I hear Dr. Drew Weiss quoting Robert Burn’s, “To a Mouse.”

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley,”

Followed by his favorite explanation of the couplet:

“Shit Happens.”

So when I miss my 4,000 word goal by, well, 3,800 words, instead of gripping, I try to let it go and prepare for the next day.

City, Colour & the Mission Bell

A ray of sunshine suggested I listen to a band named City & Colour. I got through their 4 albums today and started to listen to their newest album, “Little Hell,” one and a half times. It was good and I’ll write a full review of it before she gets back from her Thanksgiving vacation but going into my 5th hour of listening, I found that I was not quite as addicted as she claimed I’d be, yet. Part of it might have been a 5 hour exposure but part of the problem was that I was still having the shakes from a new artist I discovered while mixing and matching my radio stations on Spotify.

James Taylor & Keb Mo Had a Baby

And they named him Amos Lee and they decried him to soulful, succinct and savored in the bosom of classic roots – blues, country & folk. Some would draw vocal comparisons to Ben Harper and you can hear the caedence at times, but you can also hear the influences of several artists along with Taylor, Mo & Harper such as CCR’s John Fogerty. And, who’s that singing with Lee on, “El Camino Reprise“? Willie Nelson!

El Camino Reprise: Amos Lee & Willie Nelson

Lee is clean, crisp, polished and sharp. You can hear Route 66 open and see the sun set when he plays. Gentlemen acoustic blues. He’s a beautiful throwback, an ode to a day when music took craftsmenship. I’ve heard his latest album, Mission Bell, twice again today.

I Hope I Get to Introduce the Music to Her.l

It’d be an even trade. If she hasn’t heard of Amos Lee, I think she’ll really like it. And what is more fun to share that good music?

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Right

Brunch: PB & J. Baked Ruffles. Orange
Snack: raisins & cinnamon Chex (no milk).
Dinner: Tilapia. Fruit tray – strawberries, pineapple, muss melon
Walk: 2 hours
Dinner Snack: popcorn, no salt, 1/2 serving
Iced Tea: 3 glasses
Water: 3 glasses

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Not as Right

Brunch: 2nd BP & J
Dinner: Fries
Diet Pepsi: 20 oz.
Cardio: 0

photo credit: pop!tech via flickr

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