My Lawyer and I crashed out a friend’s house on the lake last Friday evening. We woke up with the sun and headed back to his cabin to complete the nap. Futons & couches called us like Sirens…That’s when the agony began.

Here’s the Facebook recap…

Nat Finn Praying the lawyer’s ex gf comes & gets these Guinea Pigs soon or the bonfire I’m going to tonight’s going to become a pig roast!
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Sarah Lewis Strange
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Daniel Timm How can guinea pigs offend? lol
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Nat Finn You try going back to bed to the sounds of those f****** squeelng. You’d a thought I was already lording over them, hatchet in hand. In other news: New Buffalo was sleepy quiet this AM & English Premiere Soccer is surprisingly entertaining sleeping tv
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Daniel Timm Then why aren’t you sleeping?
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Nat Finn Because I haven’t developed the will to go get the hatchet, yet. Internet reports says they’re delicacies of Peru and taste like the dark meet of Chicken – or the roof of your mouth after you’ve bitten down on your tongue. It’s tough to tell. Seems as though most bloggers who wrote about their guinea pig eating experiences were drunk and needed munchies. Surprisingly, I can relate (I see this conversation stream becoming a blog post).
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Tony D’Aloisio Guinea pig tastes great roasted over an open flame. In fact I have this spice rub that would go well with the gameyness (?) of the GP.
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Nat Finn And you will be providing the open flame….m’mmm. I guess we should feed those things so there’s some meat on them bones.

Nat Finn Do guinea pigs eat celery?
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Patrice Prunsky Nah. They just lick the peanut butter off like the rest of us do.
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Nat Finn Hmmm. Like Id share the peanut butter
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Nat Finn Lisa, you’ll like my next update
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Nat Finn I’m giving away a free case of #gumballhead. How to win? Be willing to take the two adorable guinea pigs my lawyer’s ex-pyscho left him!
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Mike Sliwa Haha… Target practice… Moving targets
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Nat Finn Ya
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Aaron Corralez Time for a roast.
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Nat Finn That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!
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Craig Huchel Bring them to Indy. We’ll throw lawn darts at ’em.
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Mike Sliwa Better than AR-15 target practice… we can see if they dance.. or moonwalk….
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Missi Maynard aww, I would but my cats would eat them. I’d even let you keep the booze.
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Mike Sliwa I’ll give you the booze, if we can watch the cats eat them / take bets on which one lives longest….I know, morbid…
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Nat Finn Well, sadly she went and got them. But she put the rest of the stuff in the shed. G a r a g e s a l e time!
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Mike Sliwa Whatcha got? I need some stuff…
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Nat Finn A bed and an exercise bike
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Douglas Karr Mmm… heard they’re good with BBQ sauce.
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Nat Finn Yeah, I need to out my research into a post tonight
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It is amazing how two little rhodents can ruin the feng shui of a place. Thank God they’re finally gone.

(photo credit:  Dan.. via Flickr)

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