So…entrenched in the camp, tools sharpened and readied to go…and I’ve got no fight in me. Can’t write. Well, at least, creatively about what I want to write about ….them Books of Blues.

So, I checked Facebook to see what friends were up to.

Then I looked on the right to see there were friend recommendations, so I started to look.

I saw a few. They seemed alright.

Clicked on a couple pretty faces….wow, who likes that much pop music?

But then the wheels started to turn when I found one who shared the same name as my sister. She was friends with some of the Indy social media crew and didn’t like anybody watching her drink chocolate syrup.

Not like that, dirty people, but in the same breath…

Don’t waste your time with chocolate syrup. Everybody likes chocolate syrup. It’s their way of covering their love of vanilla ice cream.

Now strawberry syrup…that’s another story. Not only is it as disgusting to drink as chocolate syrup, but you stand out when eating ice cream – even if it’s vanilla. Also strawberry syrup is the perfect ingredient for when you’re trying to make strawberry margaritas (or daiquiris) with actual strawberries.

Anyway, you’re friends with a couple of the folks in Indy. I’m guessing that means you’re cool.

BTW, hi. Nice to meet you.

– Finn

We’ll see how it goes.

Now…what was I writing about?

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