I’m just leaving a note to remember to take time to write. Getting into the habit of getting into the habit, so to speak…

Ever had to do that before?

Trying not to live this way:

Once upon a time, I had a YouTube video embedded here. YouTube changed their codes. I never updated the video’s code. I have now have idea what it was. I hope it was incredible.

2019-01-07 Update

Though, as Soren Kierkegaard would say:

“But the music is charming.”

So long as somewhere in there darkness, I end up breaking even.

On second thought…

2019-01-07 Update

I keep telling myself it’s been five years since I’ve been able to get fully get back to the books. I think I keep getting “five years,” because, in my head, it was always “5 years”
Odysseus spent on Calypso’s Island. Not even sure where I got that number because the exact time was never stated in The Odyssey. Maybe that NBC Special I glanced at or something used that stat.

Vanessa Williams was hot as hell in the previews. Too bad I never finished it, or watched more than a few minutes of it.

Maybe it was just Book 5 of The Odyssey and I blended the rest with the “5 minute” estimation principle.

Whatever the Hell it was, my journey back wasn’t five years either. Going back through these old-scratch-notes-passing-for-posts, I forgot how I took the break back in fall 2010. Over 8 years. EIGHT! Damn.

I guess I’m grateful it wasn’t 20 years like Odysseus.

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