When in the pursuit of dreams, there’s something to be said for spinning heels. Lessons can be learned. Crafts can be perfected.

One can also find peace in the patience it takes to wait. Jump into the joy. Cozy up the comfort residing in anticipation.

But when the world isn’t moving fast enough… Well, the two final choices have been overanalyzed since the beginning of time, but they are the sum of all my fears:

When can one flinch without being called a coward?


When is waiting too long considered insane?

And, for free…

What if this situation has only occurred in one moment?

Sadly, that one moment has been my last 15 years.

In the end, act or don’t act. Thinking about it is as pointless as tassled running shoes: it’s too easy to slip into and provides no support whatsoever.

It’s inaction that creates the paradox. It makes me wonder if Hell is inaction.

Are you walking the fine line between cowardace & insanity?

Agonizing, isn’t it?

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