I forgot where the gym is. Sleep has become a practical joke & the weariness grows on me like the seven facial hair genetics gafve me: slow, almost unnoticeable until one day it’s an unsightly mud-packed zit.

Both my copywriting and noveling took the same punch-in-the-face.

The shit’s usually easy, but my boss was tough on my copy today. I have to thank him. Sometimes I need someone to keep my writing disciplined.

My cousin has pointed out that in Book of Blues I have the occasional tendency to use 2 words where I could have used 1. I agree. But if didn’t do it in some spots I wouldn’t have any writing style. Sometimes you have to turn a phrase. How vanilia would the world be if there wasn’t a little color within expression?

I swear anything poignant one needs to copyrite can be learned in Rusty’s advice to Linus in Oceans 11:

“Don’t use seven words when four will do.”

Rusty. Ocean’s 11 [Brad Pitt / Remake]

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