A fine, rare moment in life: slowly sipping Johnnie Walker Green with a friend you’ve gone through the trenches with.

Its just after 1:30 am.

My buddy is having a housewarming party. Bought his first house. Unopened boxes still lie about. The dining room table is still a card table until his girlfriend’s dad drops off the old dining room table. Is there a better backdrop for a nightcap?

I’m in a black buttonup & jeans.

I’ve put in 250 miles today attending a funeral, helping the office make a deadline, and now this evening.

I appreciate his recent fortune. It is seen in the basement rooms he just finished mudding & sanding down.

Not that I didn’t get news of good fortune in my filled day. My cousin wrote back. He should have edits & comments done just after the Super Bowl. I’m anxious. Of course I’m gonna have to filter his comments through a couple other editors. Where to find editors? Oh wait, I work with 5 of them. Though, I do wish I had a home of my own to go to. Just a couple years to go.

I’m gonna go home in that “Who’s up for poker?” Kind of way.

They know my weaknesses. It’s what happens when you go through the trenches with friends. They’re worth the Green.

I get to keep the bottle to my left. Ambiance.

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