I keep tellin’ a buddy of mine that balance of work and recreation is needed in life. If you don’t do both you’ll have neither. My buddy calls my advice hypocritical. There’s a point in that logic.

I keep preachin’ it but I never end up doing it. Playin’ ’round and lookin’ up stuff for friends on Twitter, givin’ them samples of music I’ll listen to makes me realize why I’ve been listening to music lately: escapism. I’m not enjoying it.

I want to enjoy my days a little more. Moreso than that, I want to enjoy all aspects of my day. I want to have this kind of fun:

Mindless, entertaining fun. I hear this at work to keep my nerves peaceful and to keep office chatter from ears, but I haven’t been enjoying it. Insert jokes on musical taste all you want, but the point is they’re having fun. I’m not. It’s because I’m not balanced.

I was gonna exercise and visit friends. But then I was going to blow it off so I could do HTML training. But then I’ve been watchin’ bad TV because I’m procrasting. So, instead of doin’ all the good things in my day, I’m doing nothing.

To hell with that. I’m going on a walk. It’s up to 37 degrees. I see pavement n roads n signs of grass out there for the first time since December. It ain’t Ft. Myers, Margaritaville, but it’s the best I have to work with. I’ll be damned if I ain’t takin’ full advantage of it. Besides, I ain’t seen my friends since before Christmas.

I need to do it all.

Now where the hell are my guitars?

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