Everyone is going to have their weaknesses. For me, it’s when I sneak on up to Duneland for the weekend to be near the water and hang with family friends. The strategist, the leader in my takes a back seat to whatever else is going on. A lot of Doctor Who, a lot of food, a lot of cars, a lot of music. Given how I can’t normally lay off the incredible selection of delicacies in the Gluttonous Garden of Good and Evil up there, I think I faired well.

And I kept on a good sleep schedule, fixed my car (well, I helped…), kept my appointments, got away from the computer, and recharge for the incredible week ahead.


Well, I’m making it a point to skip all the unimportant days.

Apple Pie?

I did discover that Apple Pie wasn’t just a moonshine concocted for FX Network’s Justified. I posted a picture on Facebook of a little vial of it that existed and people came out of the woodwork about classic recipes for it. Everclear, cinnamon and something special. It might have been the best tasting alcohol I’ve ever experienced. Sorry, Gumball Head.

#holdmeaccountable Things I Did Right

  • Breakfast:  Day 2 – sausage, salsa & egg skillet.
  • Lunches: Day 1 – PB&J with baked chips. Day 2 – brunch.
  • Iced Tea: Day 1 – 3. Day 2 – 2.
  • Dinners: Ham & Turkey, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables. rolls. Day 2 – chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, broccoli, salad, roll, banana bread.
  • Toothpicks: 12.
  • Glasses of water:  5
  • Late night snack:  peanut butter sandwich (Saturday. Given the past, this is great!)
  • Walks – Day 1 – 4.2 miles & lawn mow. Day 2 – 70-minute walk, changed back brakes on car.

#holdmeaccountable Things I Did Not As Right

  • Breakfast:  Day 2 – cheddar cheese, Mountain Dew
  • Mountain Dews (total):  4.
  • Diet Pepsis:  1
  • Margaritas (without water between): root beer, mint, regular,
  • Whiskey shot (without water between):  1
  • Apple Pie (without water between):  1
  • Beer (without water between):  0.5
  • Snack sized chocolates:  5
  • Cardio:  0.

Given my past indulgences in Duneland – mostly chocolate and pizza and pop – this could have been much worse. Much worse.

God, I am thankful for my weekends in Duneland.

I think they really helped change this year around, not to mention my life as a whole! Something about muscle cars, backroads, bonfires and live music that makes for a perfect remedy.

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