For the first time since early summer, I felt like I had normal days. I hadn’t sat in the normal spot and spent a work day writing since the Summer of 210,000 Words woes hit. Got my project back, kept the anxiety down. Days are starting to settle back down.

But with Project 03 beginning, I don’t know how many more pure-writing days I’m going to have in awhile.

#holdmeaccountable Things I Did Right:

Day 7

Breakfast: two eggs, scrambled. Two slices of wheat toast, strawberry jelly
Lunch: PB&J. Wheat Bread. Serving of Baked Chips.
Dinner: Burger King – grilled chicken, mayo. Wheat bun. Tomato
Snack: baked popcorn – 1 serving. No butter. Light salt.
Iced Tea: 3 glasses.
Water: 3 glasses.
Walk: 75 minutes.
Toothpicks: 4
Lemon Drops: 3

Day 8

Breakfast: NA
Dinner: turkey burger. Wheat bun. Lettuce wedge
Iced Tea: 3
Water: 2 glasses
Toothpicks: 5
Lemon Drops: 3
Walk: 90 minutes

#holdmeaccountable Things I Did Not As Right

Day 7

Lunch: second serving of baked potato chips
Dinner: small serving of fries
Diet Pepsi: 22 oz.
Cardio: 0 mins.

Day 8

Lunch: pasta, sausage, cheese, oil with bread
Diet Pepsi: 20 oz.
Cardio: 0.

By the Way…

Anybody have a Rosetta Stone Korean Edition System?

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