“You’re not as nice when you’re in business mode,” my friend Jen pointed out to me today when she needed help with a tech issue for her non-profit activity while I was on deadline.

I talked quick. I thought quicker. I stomped my leg on the ground like Thumper when I had to wait for a computer to load.

But I made my deadline with 45 minutes to spare. Even had time to watch some vintage videos. If you ever wondered just how well tech guys knew there stuff and how much sales guys sound like idiots because they don’t take 2 weeks to learn tech, this video is it. It’s funny because it’s absolutely true. I mean. Absolutely.

No tech guy pays attention to a sales guy.

#holdmeaccountable Things I Did Right

  • Breakfast:  2 eggs, scrambled w/ cinnamon, 2 pieces of toest 2/ strawbery jelly
  • Lunch:  peanut butter & jelly, 1 serving of baked barbeque potato chips
  • Dinner:  broiled Tilapia & salad
  • Iced Teas:  3
  • Snacks:  banana
  • After-dinner snack:  popcorn, lightly-salted. No butter.
  • Toothpicks:  8
  • Glasses of Water:  2
  • Walk:  70 minutes. Decent pace.

#holdmeaccountable Things I Did Not As Right

  • Breakfast:  2nd serving of bake barbeque potato chips
  • Caffiene-Free Diet Pepsi:  15 oz.
  • Dinner:  1.5 servings of soggy fries.
  • Chocolate:  2 fun size Nestle crunch bars.
  • Iced Teas:  4 & 5
  • Elliptical:  0 minutes.

But, with a couple mini-projects out of the way. I can finally move forward on a couple Summer of 210,000 words projects.

How did you do?

photo credit: Hufse by flickr

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