I finished writing chapter 2 of the Book of Blues Prequel. Because I took the name of the original Book of Blues and gave it to the prequel, it does feel like I’m writing the Blues Book all over again.

After not book writing for over 8 months, it took a while to get back into the groove. And I started comfort eating too much again to get going. I finally stopped the munching with a Crown Royal and water. Though I’m moreorless opposed to drinking through one’s blues – that was old man Finn’s way – I did find that the drink settled me down enough to focus.Especially given the topic of the chapter. I’d go into it more but them books aren’t quite at that point for me to get into that topic.

And for those wonderin’ why I didn’t exercise to use up some of the nervous energy, I tweaked a hamstring in softball. Someone had to run and cover home.

And I know there are 2 (3 with Prologue) Chapters down and 41 chapters to go because I sketched the second one out. I learned from the last time I sketched a section of a book and used a spreadsheet instead of a flowchart document. It goes infinitely quicker when one uses a spreadsheet. And I’m running the three storyline approach again and having them blend together to tell one story. It’s the way these Blues Books have been written. No sense changing it now.

It’s like switching up a 12-bar blues into an 8-bar blues and calling it a 12-bar blues.

No sense trying to change up the way John the Revelator is riding.

And I”m in that groove. I wonder how this ’round will be different while I’m doing Plan B at the same time. I find myself looking forward to this Blues Book Prequel. There was stuff I couldn’t throw into the original that I can play with now. And stuff I tried to stuff into the first 2 chapters of the initial Book of Blues can be spread out through this Prequel.

Especially the backstories, the beaches, and the casinos.

Tell me who’s that riding now. 

As for chapter 2, the prologue and first 2 chapters were infinitely easier than the Book of Blues’ prologue and first 2 chapters. The opening line of chapter 1 is still too long so I’ll attack it, but the rest of the book flows much quicker. It’s gonna flow and read even quicker than the first.

A shout out goes to Max Power for dealing with the pains of the original Book of Blue’s chapter two. I think we can talk about me reworking that Book of Blue’s chapter two now instead if you dregging through the misery.

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