Eight months ago, I was in Ft. Myers, Margaritaville, preparing to write either the Book of Blues Prequel or Sequel.

Today, I’m going to start on the second chapter of the Blues Book Prequel. Still haven’t sketched either books, but I did sketch the outline of the chapter.

The image in my head that starts the chapter is much like the image in this post, except more brilliant.

Either way, the characters are now along that soft sandy shore beneath a vermillion sky. And right now, so am I.
Got some work to do, some other posts to write, but this chapter has been consuming my thoughts since early this summer.It must mean that Fall is right around the corner. We always seem to write in the Fall.

And the pain creeps in a little, again. Them blues.

Update 2019-01-02.

No, I’m not. In part because it would be, essentially, book 3. Other, because, it’s going to start on a shore, but one a little close to Duneland.

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