smoked turkey sandwich recreation
smoked turkey sandwich recreation

Before holing up for the 2009 Fall season in preparation for the great Ft. Myers, Margaritaville holiday season getaway, we decided this Saturday will be devoted to recreate the greatest experience in 2009 – a smoked turkey sandwich on pretzel bun from Three Floyd’s Brewery of Munster, IN.

I know, of all the tings we could have experienced in a year, how does a smoked turkey sandwich even compare? With trips to the City, Indianapolis, Seattle, Las Vegas, Provo, UT, and more trips pending, one would think that the experience would come from the traveling.

Not to mention the dining experiences. Finn’s eaten in a resplendent restaurant overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, a harbor restaurant north of Seattle with an incredible view of a bay that opens unabashed into the Pacific Ocean, a beachside dinner with a view of the Gulf of Mexico during sundown (though the green flash was missed again), and let’s not forget the places in the City (Chicago).

How does a Turkey Sandwich from a brewery compare?

For starters, when we were at Three Floyd’s we got to see the turkey get carried back from the grill, smoke still rising from the skin. Then, we had great high-end beers when we received the crafted sandwich. And the smoked turkey sandwiches were served on a fresh-made pretzel bun. Most importantly, the meal was served with good friends around.

So when we recreate the great smoked turkey sandwich, it was more than a meal.

It was an experience shared with good friends.

Not only that but the fact that a smoked turkey sandwich being considered as the most significant experience in a year is a great indicator that the year was a peaceful year. Boring? At times. Uneventful? Yep. Drama-free? So far. And given years past, stress-free is all a year has to be to be a great year.

The smoker has been running in Duneland since 11am.

It should be ready in a few hours, around 7pm. Max’s Pretzel buns should be finished by then. Light showers are possible, but that’s why they invented Wiis – in case we can’t play Bags.

Come tomorrow, the work begins. I have blogging to catch up on, projects to tackle, goals to meet, and a holiday escape to plan.

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