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Book of Blues Prequel posted by Finn

Still Unplugged, and Learning that I Need to Prime the Pump


I”m not gifted. I’m not talented. Not today. Probably not tomorrow.

Then again, I could be wrong.

The family’s been around due to the MLK holiday. The normal peace and quiet didn’t enter into my day until late.

I feel a little less in control on those days.

But as I bantered back in forth between the running book of blues dialogues in my head while my sister and I watched Book of Eli, I started to wonder if I was simply overwhelmed by all the projects I’ve bombarded my plate with.

And I realized that I stopped feeling lethargic when I got in the car and got on the highway.

So I came to this conclusion:  I’m one of those people that doesn’t get moving til I feel the day moving forward.

And once I get perspective on my day, I get a proper view of my projects and what I’m able to do on them that day.

And the day gets a little better.

Now if I can only get them going sooner…

Anybody else have little tricks that help them start their day?

(photo credit:  Jammy via Flickr)

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  • daltonsbriefs

    My wife has always needed to workout in the morning to get going. I need a cup of coffee, a quick perusal of email, twitter, FB, blog comments, reader (only NW Indiana folder) and texts. Then after I’ve seen what happened in the world I feel like I can get my day going.

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