When an Internet Marketing Strategist Wants to Write & Publish a Book of Blues

How to Publish a Book. Of Blues. Hopefully, is the up-to-the-minute chronicling of the voyage towards writing and publishing the first series of novels. The project goes by code code word Book of Blues. We keep track of it all: ups and downs, pitfalls and providences as we try to stay undeterred along the path to the alleged literary promised land. Included in the chronicles will be the publishing avenues explored, the editorial conflicts that arise as well as the critiques, praises and condemnations of the work, code word Book of Blues.

In addition to the external struggles that come about as a result of the book, Nat Finn & DB Fraizer will also chronicle our collective internal struggles involved with publishing Book of Blues. Internal struggles such as inspirations, insecurities, procrastinations, distractions, the balance between our present careers, dream careers, relationships and goals as well as our instinctual aversion to what could lie ahead, whether it be success or failure, will all be unabashedly visited and revisited. Also chronicled is all the marketing, strategy and promotion that is used to get the branding in position to leverage agents to give the books a fair chance. Those internet marketing strategies include blogging, SEO, SEM & Social Media.

How to Publish a Book of Blues hopefully also will be an archive for the resources and inspirations Nat Finn & DB Fraizer used for Book of Blues as well as for the upcoming sequel, code word Book of Blues Sequel.

We hope you enjoy the read.
If you do, then we know our books are on the right track. Feel free to drop us a comment - text, audio or video - and let us know what we could do or share to help others get published along with us. - Nat Finn

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Soul October 31, 2014

The Camptown Winterbound Confessional

We had a conversation tonight at the hot tub with a (multi-directional pun alert) pretty cool atmospheric scientist from North Carolina. We told him how we felt that our productivity went up by leaps and bounds when we left the -19 degree winter mornings of Northwest Indiana for the 62 degree afternoons of East Bay. He was surprised. He never thought about how the weather would dramatically affect someone’s day-to-day productivity.

There’s something in that moment that’s ironical.

As mentioned in past entries, -19 was the temperature along the Duneland lakeshore the day Katie first interviewed with CallidusCloud. In fairness, I’d never felt a day close to -19 air temperature back home before last winter. It certainly never happened three times in the same season. But it was the kind of cold that turns thriving areas into ghost towns by the end of the season. It was the kind of cold that made it easier to say, “yes,” to a cross-country trip and blind move to a place I hadn’t see in 31 years.

Such radical decisions brought about subtle, vital routine changes

The days here in East Bay are pretty much the same: crisp in the morning, comfortable by mid day, cool and clear by bed time. There’s a gentle breeze that will let you know that sundown is approaching. It’s a breeze so consistent that a contingency of kite flyers who regularly gather in the park across the street. They plant their big kites in the ground like conquest flags, let them fly around high in the sky, and spend the time trying out new designs.

The BART pretty much runs on schedule. It’s a mile and a half down the road. One can take any of the trains that leave in 15-minute intervals to the Embarcadero, hop a trolley and hit Seal Island all in under an hour.

The dogs get three walks a day, never less than a half mile per trip.

The gym is on the other side of the building. It never fails to forget to give me excuses not to go.

In a couple months, Katie’s employers will be moving to the offices across the street from the south end of our complex. 12 minute walk, pending on the traffic light.

It’s been a great groove.

The simple things we hope to never take for granted

During a phone call yesterday I was asked what I valued most in my career. I said, “collaboration.” I described it similar to the energy one can feel when a live band hits their peak groove during a jam session in a concert. The synergy between the band mates, their instruments, their creation, the crowd, the venue and the occasion, when it all tunes to a natural E,” (thank you, John & Paul), it unearths a spot of bliss & prayer at the intersection of Ecstasy & Zen.

My favorite working environments are at that intersection. That was when livemercial was Livemercial (intended capitalization differences).

Those moments are now easier to create when surrounded by sunny days, a beautiful lady, a lime tree named Trevor, and a lack of need to be concerned about the weather and morning commute.

I guess even atmospheric scientists from North Carolina can overlook such things.

So, too, can we all.

The Camptown Winterbound Confessional

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