When an Internet Marketing Strategist Wants to Write & Publish a Book of Blues

How to Publish a Book. Of Blues. Hopefully, is the up-to-the-minute chronicling of the voyage towards writing and publishing the first series of novels. The project goes by code code word Book of Blues. We keep track of it all: ups and downs, pitfalls and providences as we try to stay undeterred along the path to the alleged literary promised land. Included in the chronicles will be the publishing avenues explored, the editorial conflicts that arise as well as the critiques, praises and condemnations of the work, code word Book of Blues.

In addition to the external struggles that come about as a result of the book, Nat Finn & DB Fraizer will also chronicle our collective internal struggles involved with publishing Book of Blues. Internal struggles such as inspirations, insecurities, procrastinations, distractions, the balance between our present careers, dream careers, relationships and goals as well as our instinctual aversion to what could lie ahead, whether it be success or failure, will all be unabashedly visited and revisited. Also chronicled is all the marketing, strategy and promotion that is used to get the branding in position to leverage agents to give the books a fair chance. Those internet marketing strategies include blogging, SEO, SEM & Social Media.

How to Publish a Book of Blues hopefully also will be an archive for the resources and inspirations Nat Finn & DB Fraizer used for Book of Blues as well as for the upcoming sequel, code word Book of Blues Sequel.

We hope you enjoy the read.
If you do, then we know our books are on the right track. Feel free to drop us a comment - text, audio or video - and let us know what we could do or share to help others get published along with us. - Nat Finn

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BakedFinn October 10, 2014

Taking a startup platform out of prototype is like having your memory erased but being left with a cache of notes

The long, hard road to getting back to Project 03 is back in my sights. Turn signal on, hand over hand on the wheel.

I spent more time on it today than I had in the last few weeks. Of course, then we had a glitch so I spent most of the time looking to see when I could start working again. But so it goes.

But we’re back at that place where we get to take our startup project from prototype to the the end-user stage. It’s like adding a second coat of white paint to a wall previously painted black. It can be cumbersome to sort out where to begin and feel like everything is gray for a good long while but, eventually, everything is as pure as the gulf horizon.

I find myself going back over old notes to see I wrote more than I thought

I was happy to find the old documents. I didn’t feel like I was starting completely all over again. Just partially all over again. I found old how-to docs, user agreements, as well as the old SWOT as well as drafts of the features list. Now, to put it in investor-facing and client-facing documents.

More importantly, we have to put everything together in order so we can get phase one of the project done.

I have to start again. Draft 2. I’m using some checklists from Enterepreneur.com and a copy of Design for Software: a Playbook for Developers bought awhile back.

Now, to draft out the 4Ps of Marketing Project 03.

Up first: Product

So here’s the start: Project 03 is named BiziPorts. I’ll start calling it that from here on out. No sence talking around it now.

What is BiziPorts?

Phase one will be a seamless fusion of eCommerce and Content Management systems with a few tricks up our sleeves. The website is still under construction but you can sign up to get notified for the beta:

Taking a startup platform out of prototype is like having your memory erased but being left with a cache of notes

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