It ain’t hard to tell I’m on my own clock:  I just lost an hour of my life – and delayed my roadtrip to Indy for an hour – because I had to find out what the Hell the “Zoot Suit” song was being used for the 2010 start of Burn Notice Season 3.

Come to find out they weren’t singing “Get your Zoot Suit on…” but were singing “Get your Silk Suit on.”

The Burn Notice 2010 commercial song is “Silk Suit,” by KRAM.

Lyrics are written in a classic blues style. Simple blues riff. Fun to listen to:

“Get your Silk Suit on / Get your Silk Suit on
“Ain’t nobody else that’s got it goin’ on”

The song also insists you “get your black dress on” in another verse and and “get your sneakers on” on a third verse.

Guys, if you must put all this one, you must. All good. But I’m gonna support the ladies’ need to do this…

By the way, the guest stars in the above video include tennis star Alicia Molik and Jet frontman Nic Cester.

Now, I can drive down to Indy in peace and enjoy my weekend of Colts Football, Indiana ReBar pre and post parties, and learning more insider information about Blog Indiana’s 2010 events.

So long as I have ‘my Silk Suit on, have my Silk Suit on.’

‘Ain’t nobody else that’s got it goin’ on.’

Did y’all have as much trouble as I did finding this Burn Notice song?

Featured Image Source: affiliate program [no affiliate link included]. They, presumably, got it from USA who got it from whichever studio produced “Burn Notice.” I’m guessing.

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