Life balances. Even when it comes to our economic woes…

I’m a guy without a home of my own, so of course I keep running into people who if they aren’t building or selling homes, they’re helping people get home loans. It’s the circles we run in from time to time.

Perhaps life is telling me something.

I’m a fan of Scott Swinford. You can tell 100 people how to do something that will benefit them directly if they put forth the effort. 98 people won’t do it. Scott Swinford is one of the 2 who will. He has to be…

Scott is a mortgage lender who can help those with bad credit find a mortgage. And, “no,” I’m not getting paid a dime to say so. The most I play with numbers is on ranking systems. Otherwise I avoid them like they plague. I find mountains of respect for those who can crunch the number down to a workable metric. It’s poetic. It’s as economical as I am not 😛

If you check out his site, USCCRA Online, he stats showing you how to get your credit report. Then he starts the process.

What is USCCRA?

The USCCRA Online is an affiliate of the US Consumer Credit Restoration Association< . They spend their days working to help people fix their credit. Quite the thriving industry nowadays.

It’d explain why Scott always looks like he’s thinking. He probably has a lot on his plate.

How did I meet Scott Swinford?

Scott is another NWITweetup Alumni. He’s at most of the events. Often quiet and unassuming, Scott usually surprises me with his wit and candor. I think he waits for me to space off into the nearest basketball game on the TV in the bar before he starts to speak.

He’ll be at the NWITweetup/Blog Indiana event at Golden Technologies. Look under the radar. You’ll find him there, wading in good conversation.

And if you need to see the NWI Loan guy in his atmosphere, you can catch him on his site.

Here’s to hoping guys like Scott can help turn our economy around.

(photo credit: Note: He’s the one on the right. Stealthy, isn’t he.)

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