It’s almost 3am, nearly 3 months since I last wrote on here. I’m on a couch up in Duneland. We tried margarita recipes. I’m not drunk, but I can see that neighborhood from here through the soothing peach light of the street lamps.

My mentor Douglas Karr would point out that one shouldn’t stop writing regardless of the situation. Well, in fairness, he points out that one shouldn’t stop blogging once one has started. It’s a Googley-Woogley thing and I respect it and normally I’d agree but I broke that rule for a good reason: I cared too much about the subject material to make the writing public without an editor & a publisher to catch my fall. And my body, mind, heart & soul couldn’t think of anything else.

As for the rest? Well, the damned WordPress app just ate it so I’ll paraphrase:

I was working on a project. The project changed. Out of respect for the project’s stakeholders, that’s as much as I’ll state.

There is an #NWITweetup luncheon I’ll be hosting on Wednesday. This post is as much insight as I choose to give as to why the project changed. But, I think the stakeholders will he surprised as to where the project is now headed. I hope to divulge more in the following weeks – once the project is complete. We used to work for a boss who’d promote first and build second. Project 2.0 won’t do that. We’re gonna get the kinks out and make the project an ode to when “beta testing” meant “nearly complete” & not, “let’s crowdsource it.”

As for the rest, there’s strength knowin’ that you just don’t know. I put my faith there. It’s part faith, part rebellion.

And we’ll see whether or not the story stops at a happy ending.

And with a little luck, the summer of 210,000 words can become the winter of 210,000 words.

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