When learning how to publish a book of blues, one finds that the only thing one can hold on to during the journey is to the relationship between the contradictions. Some days one needs to embody Sun Tzu & embrace the five constant factors:

  • The Moral Law
  • Heaven
  • Earth
  • The Commander
  • Method & Discipline

Other days one needs to empathize with Hunter S. Thompson:

“Believe in God, but row away from the rocks.”

For every Douglas Adams who points out how society looks for an answer without knowing whether or not there is a question, there is a Karl Barth who points out that everybody has a Theology.

It’s when someone as mischievous & relentless as Bob Dylan comes along and begs, borrows and steals his way to the realization that you have to, in fact, serve somebody – hopefully proving that if there are, in fact, fixed points in time, that there doesn’t need to be a linear progression to achieve the realization.

But the world wouldn’t have been a better place had Zimmy stopped fighting for his dream in Soho in 1960. Hell, where would I be if he had let the night’s tricks overwhelm him when he was trying to be so quiet? My mentors would not have been inspired – unless their inspirations were fixed point in time and Dylan was just A vessel & not THE vessel.

Maybe that’s the point. If you stop, someone else will get your dream. Maybe the point is to get A dream. The details will sort themselves out.

As Long As You Believe in the Dream

It makes me wonder which vessel gave up on their dream, allowing ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” the opportunity to be my inspiration tonight.

Maybe It Was Me.

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