2018 Update: I haven’t lived in Indiana in nearly 5 years. I’m not sure how their site works anymore, but if this post is still relevant and helps, I’m glad it helped. I leave it up for archival and self-reminders.

According to the Indiana State Workforce Development Self Service Claimant Unemployment Website, all you have to do – once you’re approved for unemployment benefits – is the following:

  • Register, post your resume and have your resume available on line for employers to view in our job matching service (IC 22-4-14) at https://www.IndianaCareerConnect.com within four (4) weeks of filing your claim.
  • To fulfill work search requirements, submit one application per week (first line of on-line weekly voucher) and conduct two additional work searches per week (second and third line of on-line weekly voucher) in order to remain eligible for benefits. You may apply for work in person, by mail, or online, and be able to document your job application information to DWD upon request. Mailing or submitting a resume for an open position qualifies as applying.

Failure to complete these requirements will cause benefits to be denied until these requirements have been met.

(source url: https://solutions.dwd.in.gov/uplink/uplink-information.htm#benefitRequirements)

I have fulfilled the obligation, as noted below:


As you can read, my Resume is online and searchable by employers.

Yet when I go to fill out my voucher, the state unemployment site tells me the following:

Go to Job Match

SMARTLINKS – STOP! You must provide information on all links listed below.

(Check where the link goes!)
As seen here:


Confused? Me too.

Since I figured it was just a disconnect between:

I didn’t think too much about it.

But then today I went to go catch up on my claims and I couldn’t go past the week of 12/12 claim because of the “STOP! Provide information on all links below!”

Midnight hit, and I was allowed to reactive my claim. REASON:  I didn’t “provide all information” within 30 days according to the state claim site, even though I had it done within a couple days of filing my claim.

And today is Sunday so I can’t call. So I went to the only place I can ask questions about my claim online:


I asked the following question:

I have been approved for unemployment. I have uploaded a resume to the indiana career connect site. I have done all that is required yet when i go to my claimant homepage, it still tells me: SMARTLINKS – STOP! You must provide information on all links listed below. Go to Job Match What more do I have to do?

The site told emailed me with an autoreply:

We have received your message and will respond to you within 7 days.

You may review your message below. Thank you for asking WorkOne!

7 DAYS? U’mmm, no.

I bitched on Twitter, got a couple of nice replies from Noah Coffey & Douglas Karr. DK said something that triggered a thought:

Who the Hell did design the sites?

So I did a little poking around to discover that at the bottom of https://www.indianacareerconnect.com/ is a note:


Well, who the Hell is Geographic Solutions, Inc?

Come to find out that Geographic Solutions, Inc. is a employer software solution based in the Indiana town of Palm Harbor, Florida. Here’s the Geographic Solutions Press Release about their development of Indiana Career Connect. Now I know there’s the joke that Florida can also be called “South Indiana,” but I don’t think that counts as My Man Mitch keeping the work in-house.

So, my guess:

Indiana state’s archaic unemployment claim site isn’t syncing with the Florida company’s Indiana job board site and people like me who need the site are suffering for it.


I am still not certain that it’s a sync issue. I could have done something wrong with my claim. If that’s the case, then the state’s sites do not properly tell me what more I need to do to correct the problem. Either way there is a disconnect.

I can’t wait to find out and pass that information along.

Check back tomorrow as I give tips in an open letter to the state on how to make the sites suck less.

UPDATE 5/01/2010.

Hi, I switched the commenting system on this post and my old comments no longer appear. I apologize.

To let you know, later on that week (first week in January, 2010) I finally got a hold of someone at the state and what they told me was that I had to login to the Indiana state unemployment site once a week or the paused the account. The policy changed in summer 2009 whereas before so long as you were eligible you could go back and do a couple / three weeks worth of the claim at the same time.

The thing that is still unbelievable is that they leave that…

“Stop! You must provide information on all links below!”

With a link to that 20th century Indiana Career Connect site even if you have filled all the information out because, as the guy on the phone told me (I wish I could remember exactly but it’s been 4 months)…

“We leave that link up there anyway so people can go to the Indiana Career Connect site”

That is textbook horrific user experience.

It’s almost hard to believe that big companies believe Indiana is technological behind.

Hey, My Man Mitch, I’m sure you’ve seen this post because I’m outranking the Indiana Career Connect site, I work for a great company – in INDIANA – that could make that Indiana Career Site into a valuable asset. Leave me a note.

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